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“Where is there a gap in the market and how can I fill that gap?” is the common question that a person asks themselves when they want to start a business. Although this is foolproof way to start with a venture, there are also other ways from which you can start building your business.

Find out what is it that you already have and what can you do with it. This idea is a lot more complex than it appears to be. Working with what you have is an excellent starting point for any business especially if you have little to no capital.

1. Personal creation
This business benefits artists and other creators and allows them to utilize their talents while profiting off of them. More and more people are growing some appreciation for personal artworks which is why this field is quite fitting in this age. You will find multiple platforms in which you can sell your creation like eBay, Etsy and Amazon.

2. Repair or Skill-based services
All that you need to invest here are your abilities and time. Your skills and know-how in certain things like home repairs or appliances might just be what you need to kick start a business. Funding will be minimal since the only materials you need to invest in are tools you may need which will vary.

3. Content provider
Thanks to social media platforms serving as a place where brands can present their line, freelancers have definitely gained more opportunities to make their skills the main revenue driver of their businesses. From writers to graphic designers, creative professionals will have no problem finding a role where they fit in in this digital age.

4. Consulting
Businesses, both small and established, are willing to pay a consultant in order to get a complex and advance knowledge on their field. This is another career opportunity that only needs time as an investment.

5. Resale
Reselling is one of the fastest way to earn money, and it can also turn into a successful business venture if done right. Tons of platforms are available for selling secondhand items, there’s no you’ll find exposure for your business in no time.

6. Online courses/Tutoring
Because all nations went through a tough time during this pandemic, parents and grown students turn to the internet to find a way to keep up with learning courses. The ability to relay your sufficient knowledge in any subject or a specific language virtually is the only capital you’ll need to start this career.

7. Music Lessons
Music is a universal language, and those who are fortunate to have exceptional musical skills can utilize just that to gain income. If you are a musician, then you definitely already have the instruments to share your talents with aspiring beginners who are willing to learn.

8. YouTube Channel/Blog
The number of YouTube channel owners has tremendously increased in the last 5 years. The only investment for this kind of job is the ability to create videos that are interesting enough for your chosen audience because income, for this particular work, mostly comes from view count.

9. Video Producer
Who doesn’t love to have a tangible copy of their cherished moments where they can relive the memory any time they want? Videographers, and even photographers, are very much in demand due to different brands or influencers who want to up the quality of their content, and even just people who want to capture a specific moment in their lives.

10. Meal planner
If you are someone who has an extensive knowledge about planning healthy meals then you can cater to those who want to make their diet a little cleaner. A meal planner’s job includes listing down ingredients, creating an easy step-by-step cooking process and providing useful information to educate clients when it comes to nutrition.