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If you’re a business owner or belonging to the executive team, chances are you’ve encountered being understaffed at one time. One thing leads to another; less worker means more work to do, overtime work brings stress which leads to less productivity and so on to the point where revenue begins to fall. Sure many employees come and go, that’s change, but there are multiple opportunities where you can do something about this situation. If you’re asking what, how and when then continue reading this article.

Why do employees leave: Underpayment. One of the nurses that I know works at a private company for more than two years now and his salary is fixed from the day he was hired until today. He had no overtime pay even when his shift ended 2 hours ago. So what did he do? He is now waiting for an available position to another hospital in which the salary is almost double, and OT pay is given. The big deal is, he’s the only staff in that hospital licensed as an emergency medical technician (those who respond to emergencies like paramedics) and rarely takes leave of absences. If your company pays so little, it is inevitable that when people see an opportunity at another place, they will seize it.
Solution: Give the right amount of salary and benefits. Try to research on a competitions salary grade and make the same, if not better offer. Provide compensation when necessary, if an employee will stay increase their salaries every year.

Why do employees leave: Overworked. Yes, you’re company gives a hefty sum every payday but why is it that personnel are decreasing?. The reason may be because of too much work. Let’s say they have been working 12 hours a day at least for the past two months because of a big project. Some managers even work on the weekends because they want to finish the task at hand. This will lead to less time with self and family and employees will feel frustrated. Overworking could hurt you and cause personnel to leave if you don’t value work-life balance.
Solution: Hire more workers. If you already have enough employees delegate tasks fairly. Even managers need to take some days without overtime work. If a huge project is at hand try to get part-time workers or consult freelancers. With this method, the healthy work-life balance can be preserved.

Why do employees leave: Surrounding is toxic. To err is human, however, if this happens daily in the place of work and the offender is a co-worker beside them, this employee will be miserable and unmotivated. A more alarming issue will be if a position of higher authority is the culprit. You may notice this if more people under that management is jumping ship.
Solution: Give time and effort in choosing your employees. Define their roles in the company and that they should work with the team. Everyone should strive to fit into the company culture. Those in higher positions should be the model characters. Keep tabs from time to time an how everyone is doing. You can even put a survey corner if necessary.

There are a lot more issues when it comes to employees, but these three would be the biggest and most common in terms of the reason people jump ship. So if you are experiencing one right now better choose a solution asap.