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Conventions offer an amazing opportunity for businesses and organizations to showcase their work to potential customers, keep track of what the competition is up to, remain on top of industry trends, and build relationships with those who share similar interests. It’s a thrilling experience where different ideas come together in one interactive space that can be inspiring for everyone involved! 

At BicycleConference, you’ll learn from the finest in your field and surround yourself with like-minded peers. Expand beyond what’s expected by discovering actionable strategies for unlocking business growth, then gain valuable connections that will help strengthen future opportunities! As a bonus, exchange ideas over coffee or drinks while having fun networking and leave feeling invigorated and empowered to keep crushing it at whatever comes next! 

Register now at BicycleConference and get ready to start your next convention full of joyous learnings and ideas! 

Convention Planning Inclusions

  • Venue rental and layout design 
  • Guest speakers/performers 
  • Event schedule and programming 
  • Vendor/exhibitor selection and management 
  • Marketing and promotion strategies 
  • Ticket sales and registration process 
  • On-site staff/volunteer recruitment and training 
  • Audio/visual equipment rental and setup 
  • Food and beverage options for attendees 
  • Security measures and emergency protocols

Maximize the success of your next convention by leveraging our planning inclusions! With it, you can establish and prioritize objectives to maximize the benefit from every moment spent. Get ready for a highly effective event with this helpful resource! 

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