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The term Bullbar is synonymously used to a push bumper, and the name bull came from cattle which roams mostly on the countryside. In the United States, it is commonly called grille guard or rammer, moose guard in Canada and roo bar from the word kangaroo in Australia. A smaller or lighter version is called nudge bar. Bullbars are placed in front of a vehicle and should not cover headlights when properly installed.

Bullbars are accessories mostly found on the front end of a car, pick-up, 4WD, 4×4 os SUVs. It adds safety and protection to your vehicle when large animals or shrubs or trees may directly damage your car or its motors which in a lot of case costly for repairs.

Most bullbars are fitted directly to the frame of your vehicle. Instead of the impact going directly to you and the passengers, bullbars will transmit the force at a wider area beneath your car.

Aside from safety and protection, bullbars provide sleek design when used as an accessory especially in larger four-wheel drives and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). Putting up spotlights on bullbars aside from the headlights can be quite useful especially on heavy rains and snow. Winches can also be installed on bullbars for two good reasons. One, you are easily winched out when stuck and the second would be to lessen tow service fees. Radio antenna can also be attached.

You can choose from various types and models commonly available on the markets. Full grille guards are typically guards that have a pair of centre uprights for heavy duty use like places with big animals roaming freely. Centre grille guards are different from full grille guards since it eliminated the wrap-around look that is associated with the full guard version but still offers moderate protection not to mention stylish and modern looking. Bull bars with skid plates are created out of very tough steel metals. Pieces of steel sheet metal are either welded or bolted together to form part of the bottom of the bullbar that you can count on to cover from rocks, low parking lots and curbs.

Bullbars are used as a mounting platform for accessories such as a winch, and antennas. Some police cars use bars to intentional ram other vehicles if situations arise. Ambulance or lifeguard trucks can also mount extra lighting to work more efficiently during heavy rain or snow.

A Custom Bull Bar for Toyota Hilux should be made of Polymers or plastic. These bullbars are used on more modern bullbars although not as sturdy as steel and polished alloy materials. Modern bullbars such as polyethylene are lighter in weight and serves to distribute the impact with spring-like motion. Such elements compress when absorbing damage which likely is more pedestrian friendly and causes less injury. It can also protect you on low -speed parking lot accidents.

Finally, when you choose to fit one of these accessories make sure that it will be done by a professional to have the full capability and best performance. Make sure to know the warranty of the product since most of the available ones offer a lifetime warranty. With these things in mind, you can set your offroad adventure whenever you want.

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