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In uncertain economic times, it is more important than ever to have a sound strategy in place. It would be best to think about ways to boost your sales and get the most out of every customer interaction. There are many strategies you can employ that will help grow your business even during tough economic times. Here are five of them:


  1. Offer discounts on your products to incentivize people to buy.

Do you want to know the secret to how your business can boost sales when times are tough? Offer discounts! You might be thinking that it is a risky move because people will think cheap, but what they do not realize is that an item costing more may seem less desirable. In other words, if customers have options and one of those products costs significantly higher than another product with similar features or qualities, then typically, their choice will not lie in which option cost more.

Reduce inventory while also getting rid of unwanted items by lowering the price for a limited time. Hence, now suddenly, this “risky” decision becomes worth doing since customer interest generated without having any negative impact on profits whatsoever. Now everyone wins.

  1. Give away freebies with every purchase, like a pack of gum or an extra drink at the coffee shop.

This promotion is a great way to get more people in the store and show them how to offer excellent customer service.

The perfect time for giving away freebies with every purchase, on top of what customers are already getting elsewhere, comes when there’s no other place, they could go this week or month that offers something similar—maybe it’ll be worth their while.

  1. Send out coupons in snail mail or email. 

It is essential for business owners and marketers alike to find creative ways of attracting new customers. If you are looking for a guaranteed-to-work way, then try sending out coupons in snail mail or email! With this technique, you will save on printing costs while also cutting down mailing time significantly by piggybacking the coupon onto an existing piece of correspondence. In addition, studies show it can increase customer response rates as well as average order values when compared with other methods such as direct mails sent straight from the company itself without any accompanying items like presents or discount vouchers attached.

  1. Set up a pop-up store near your business location

Opening a pop-up store in the exact location of your business is one of the best ways to boost sales. A pop-up shop will allow you promote new products and increase foot traffic since people are more likely to stop by when they see something that catches their eye. It also provides an easy way out if things go wrong with your current storefront, which can be lucrative during tough economic times. Consumers may not purchase from stores without discounts or deals on items because they are trying save money any way possible!

  1. Consider hiring a marketing agency as they will be able to find new ways for you to advertise.

If you are not getting the sales numbers that you want, consider hiring a marketing agency. Marketing agencies are experts in advertising and communication which can help your company reach its potential customers through various channels such as social media or print ads. Hiring one is an excellent way to get more out of your business.


While the economy is still struggling, now may not be a good time to invest in expensive advertising campaigns. Instead of spending money on marketing that you do not need right away, try some cheaper options like discounts or freebies. Remember too that there are plenty of ways to boost your sales when business slows down without having spent any extra budget at all.

From creating online coupon codes and sending them out by snail mail or email, setting up pop-up stores near your location for increased foot traffic, and hiring an agency with expertise in digital marketing and SEO strategies can help drive more sales even during slow economic times.