MakeYour Company
A Great Place
to Work

Enjoy the benefits of contented, long-term employees. Avoid the sting of failed hires and early departures. What are the common factors that make great places to work?

This panel will identify the key factors that retain happy employees and build great places to work. The panelists will give you a better understanding of how to attract and retain fresh talent in the "gig economy".

The Bicycle Conference (BC) provides suppliers of bicycles, parts, accessories and services with valuable tools and resources to succeed in the US market.

Besides owning and determining content for the Bicycle Leadership Conference, the BC is your source for:

1. Legal and legislative monitoring and action on behalf of all industry suppliers.
2. Statistical data on sell-in and sell-through of bicycles and related products.
3. Safety initiatives, including Owner’s Manuals for adult, kids and e-bikes.

Bicycle Conference Welcomes You